Oracles and Miracles

Oracles and Miracles tells the story of Ginnie and Fag, two girls wishing and hoping, hurting and joking, while growing up in poverty. One of the bestselling novels ever published in New Zealand, it is widely loved by readers and has been incorporated into the syllabus for secondary schools and university. Oracles and Miracles also has been adapted both for stage and radio, playing on Radio New Zealand, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Central Broadcasting Company, Taiwan. ‘When we were kids,’ writes Fag, ‘Ginnie and I invested our lives with a sort of dark, eternal significance … we thought, This is Our Place of Suffering.’

Lauris Edmond: 'I don't remember reading another novel that has given me such a strong sense that the significance of life has to be fought for through its everyday trivialities.'

Michael King: 'its technique is innovative; it is understatedly dramatic, believable and moving.'

Andrew Mason: 'rich, warm and dark, complex, layered and subtle.'

Judith Brett: 'I find it hard to think of a contemporary Australian novel which treats the complex and contradictory relations between work, sexuality, family life and class in as sophisticated and unromantic a way.'

Penguin (NZ), Auckland 1987, 2010
ISBN 0 14 009927 1


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