Nazism: the nightmare of the western imagination, the black hole at the heart of the twentieth century. Women: the warm heart of human life. What was life like for ordinary motherly women who supported Nazism? Kaput! chronicles their private lives in the great dying city of Berlin, the capital of the Third Reich.


Heather Murray: 'Frau Betty Mohr, mother of one young daughter and wife to a soldier at the front, is not only the archetype German hausfrau but one who opens her conversations with a heartfelt "Heil Hitler!" She scrubs, skimps, stands in queues for food, knits, re-knits, reshapes old clothing and goads her less committed neighbours into fresh efforts and sacrifices for the Leader.'

Sheila Alexander: 'There is an art to Eldred-Grigg's writing that is deeply emotional.'



ISBN -58721-554-3