Shanghai Boy

‘Age, no problem! Gender, no problem. Constellation, no problem. Body, sex, race, all no fucking problem. Feeling, you know! Feeling! That is everything.’ 

Shanghai Boy explores fathers and sons, passion and Shanghai. A leathery old dad is slowly dying of cancer in New Zealand. His son, who has just hit fifty, falls fiercely in love with a young man, one of his students, at a university in China. The young man goes missing. The old dad dies. Has there been a murder? Two murders? Shanghai increasingly takes centre stage: a pulsing city of crowded streets and clouding smog; motley smells and mindless noise; a complex and contradictory place that leaves the middle-aged son both horrified and aroused. Shanghai Boy is the first novel by any New Zealand writer to focus on the lives of ordinary people in contemporary China.

Ian Williams: 'A family saga, thriller, travelogue, love story and an education, Shanghai Boy is definitely value for money.' 

Iain Sharp: 'There are continual reminders in Shanghai Boy of Eldred-Grigg’s exceptional gifts as a writer.' 

Warwick Roger: 'Shanghai Boy could be New Zealand’s most explicit gay novel.'

Random House, Auckland 2006
ISBN-13: 978-1-86941-793-2ISBN-10: 1-86941-793-3