The Rich. A New Zealand History

A sequel to the author’s earlier work on the colonial gentry, this book widens the scope still further to become the first full portrait of all the wealthy throughout the whole history of New Zealand from the late eighteenth century to the late twentieth century. Wool lords, brewers, bankers, shipowners, manufacturers, shysters, sharks, crowd the pages. Meditative millionaires who doubt the worth of their wealth are shown alongside the gleefully greedy. Showy society ladies elbow shallow corporate hucksters. The book is perhaps the most stylishly written of all the author’s works of history. 

Graeme Hunt: ‘The Rich is a joy to read. It brings together a lovely mix of gossip and detail in New Zealand’s first families.’

Graeme Lay: ‘the author writes with flair and authority, bringing history to life.’ 

Helen Hill: ‘distasteful and opinionated.’ 

Michael Morrissey: ‘wonderful, pithy.’

Iain Sharp: ‘engagingly witty.’

Penguin Books, Auckland 1996
ISBN 0 140 25740 3